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Untitled PbtA Goblin Game
[Ashtray Edition]

The Greatest Goblins have sent out the call for any goblins in the mortal world to make the world someplace better reflecting their chaotic nature.  And while no goblin likes to do work...

Well, it does sound like fun, doesn't it?

Especially since the whole time, all the goblins will be riding that fine line between messing with each other and messing with their true targets: the stupid, lumpen, boring, decidedly un-goblin bigfolk.

Using the much-beloved Powered by the Apocalypse system, play the role of one of six goblins whose methods are wonderful and whose deeds will soon be legend:

  • The Hotfoot, a prankster with a love of fire.
  • The Feral, gleefully uncivilized and sharp of tooth.
  • The Wauler, who've turned their lovely voice to breaking bigfolk brains.
  • The Shiv, who slinks in the shadows to stab, shiv, and shush.
  • The Hazer, bone-rollers and purveyors of the finest pipeweed known to goblins.
  • The Froud, the helping hand with a big smile who's owed no end of favors.

Of course, that legend will only happen if they don't prank each other into the ground first.

Which is probably reason enough to give Untitled PbtA Goblin Game [Ashtray Edition] a try, right?

This game text includes elements or references to things which might not be for everyone, including:

  • Mentions of violence
  • Drug use (in an offhand and non-descriptive but very present way)
  • Griefing other players
  • Fire
  • Mentions of buildings being on fire
  • Various flavors of deception and manipulation.

Just seemed fair to let you know. There are also some very basic discussions of TTRPG safety tools, but if you have need of more robust tools for your game, I hope you'll seek some out.


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